NBA Playoffs Odds Dribble Down To Eight Teams

NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season is drawing near the curtain call, and online sportsbooks are now updating their odds to the final eight teams still in the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy competition. The eight remaining teams are the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Dallas Mavericks.

Types Of NBA Playoff Odds

The most common ways to wager on NBA playoff matchups are with game lines, futures, and props. 

Game lines offer three ways to bet win, spread, and total odds. A Win bet is betting on who the winner will be. A Spread bet is betting on how many points will separate the two teams. A totals bet is betting on how many points will be scored in a game.
Futures are betting on future events like who will win the NBA championship. Betting on NBA odds and futures is one of the most straightforward bets to place, with favorable odds depending on the teams you are placing your wager.
Props are other odds that don’t necessarily affect the event’s outcome. A popular basketball prop would be will LeBron James get a triple-double. A triple-double will not undoubtedly decide who will win the game.

Exact Matchup Odds

Celtics basketball

Exact matchup odds are considered one of the best futures bets you can make due to the lucrative odds associated with the betting lines. It is important to remember that lucrative odds are often related to hard-to-win bets. Since there are so many options with eight teams left, the odds start around +400. Below are the current exact matchup odds from BetOnline’s PH Sportsbook.

NBA Championship Exact Matchup

Boston Celtics vs. Phoenix Suns +425   
Miami Heat vs. Phoenix Suns +425       
Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors +500          
Miami Heat vs. Golden State Warriors +500  
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Phoenix Suns +650         
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Golden State Warriors +800   
Boston Celtics vs. Memphis Grizzlies +2100   
Miami Heat vs. Memphis Grizzlies +2100       
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Phoenix Suns +2800    
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Memphis Grizzlies +3000         
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Golden State Warriors +3500           
Boston Celtics vs. Dallas Mavericks +3800      
Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks +3800          
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Dallas Mavericks +5500 
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Memphis Grizzlies +12500    
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Dallas Mavericks +22500       

NBA Championship Future Odds

 When it comes to futures betting on the NBA playoffs, it is best to get your bets locked in early as the odds become less favorable as teams get knocked out of contention. When the playoffs get down to the two teams who will compete in the NBA Finals, future odds for the current year will go away, and game lines will again take the court. 

Below are the current future odds to win the NBA title via BetOnline. 

2022 NBA Championship – Odds to Win

Phoenix Suns +240 
Golden State Warriors +275      
Boston Celtics +425          
Miami Heat +500  
Milwaukee Bucks +650    
Memphis Grizzlies +1800 
Dallas Mavericks +3500   
Philadelphia 76ers +3500 


Author: Max Hunt